Diversity is inspiring

It has been more than a century since mannequins stopped being an exclusive product for couturiers, tailors and creators till they became part of window wonderland.

The same way as fashion, mannequins have evolved driven by the aesthetics, cultural and social changes. From the mannequins inspired by 50s women, through the “revolution” of the 60s, the aesthetics of the 70s and 80s, till the emergence of the most conceptual mannequins in the 90s. Fashion and mannequins are evolution and both drink from the same sources: art, culture and history.

Our collections are part of this evolution. We have more than 200 collections that o er a great variety of styles, from the most contemporary to most classic mannequins, from the most abstract to the most realistic.

But variety doesn’t end here. Every collection can be declined in different poses, head shapes, materials and finishes. Atrezzo offers endless possibilities to shape an idea and a concept to make each mannequin unique. We are diversity.

“Today’s greatest trends are urban collections which aspire to transmit dynamism.”
Alejandra Silva, Commercial Director of Atrezzo.

If we talk about women mannequins, it’s a must to mention THE GIRLS, a compendium of collections which are a tribute to contemporary women. NUDE is an interpretation of beauty in its purest state, while MOOD recreates a more voluptuous woman and FUNKY is a vital and energetic girl.

Kids are well represented in different Atrezzo’s collections, from the most realistic like FRIENDS, till IT KID, an interpretation of the 21st century kid.

Regarding men mannequins, realism is present in collections such as HABANA or TRAIN. FLOW is a young boy with a clear urban feeling. We also have more conceptual approaches in IT BOY.

Atrezzo`s diverse offer helps our customers to highlight their creations. The tandem fashion and mannequin remains indissoluble.