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100 hecho en espana
Atrezzo is the result of an old tradition that dates back to 1877, when a technique began in Olot which sought the most convincing realism in the religious imagery industry. Sculptors from Olot frequented Paris due to their artistic activities, there adopting the techniques of the statuary workshops of the renowned quarter of Saint Sulpice.

Almost 100 years later, Atrezzo took its first steps in the manufacture of mannequins and accessories for Visual Merchandising, being established in 1991.

Innovation and tradition at a local level

Over 30 years have gone by since our establishment, and our factory is still in the same city – Olot.

With 12,000 square metres of installations, over 200 people work hand in hand so that each mannequin reflects the values of our brand.

During all this time, innovation, development and quality have been a very important part of our evolution, without leaving behind the tradition and know-how inherited from the 19th century.

As part of our sustainability and development policy, over 75% of our suppliers are in the same geographic region as us. This also helps us to be able to maintain an average of 30 days for our production and delivery times.

Additionally, in 2020 we included compliance with certain sustainability requirements in our code of conduct for suppliers.

As a result, Atrezzo has the Certification of Spanish Origin, guaranteeing a production process carried out 100% at our production plant in Olot.

With a solid foundation, innovating in materials and new techniques, we have evolved, remaining loyal to our traditions, obtaining the artisanal character of the religious imagery of Olot, combined with the dynamic, creative and innovative character that has positioned us as a leading brand in Europe.

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About Atrezzo

We design, develop and manufacture visual merchandising products for the international fashion industry. We use the most advanced techniques to provide the best quality, the most innovative materials and a bold design that enhances the creations of our customers.