Characteristics of sustainable packaging in 2022

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Did you know?

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we offer all our clients options for reducing their environmental impact; one of these is using sustainable packaging.  


What is sustainable packaging and why is it important? 

In recent decades, the use of non-recyclable materials for packing and packaging products has progressively increased, causing serious environmental problems. 

To address this reality, Atrezzo Mannequins has decided to opt for sustainable packaging; that is, using environmentally friendly ecological and recyclable materials in its packaging. Thanks to these initiatives, the impact of plastic and other polluting materials is reduced. 


What are the characteristics of sustainable packaging? 

Sustainable packaging, provided that it has been properly developed, has a series of characteristics which contribute not only to reducing the impact of environmentally harmful materials, but which also maintain the necessary quality standards for delivery, receipt and storage of products.  


1. Packaging optimization

To maximize the reduction of the environmental impact of packaging, it is recommended to produce packaging using materials and designs which allow it to have several lifespans. This involves breaking away from single-use packaging, opting for reusable packaging which recipients can use for other purposes. 

Likewise, it is also necessary to optimize the use of the raw materials from which packaging is manufactured so as not to create unnecessary waste. 


2. Sustainable materials

The use of recyclable and ecological materials is essential for obtaining sustainable packaging which does not damage the environment and which does not contribute to the pollution of ecosystems. Although packaging may have several lifespans, it is possible that they may also reach their end, and at that time it is important that it can biodegrade or be recycled. 

Among the ecological materials most used for producing sustainable packaging are cellulose and bioplastic. 

Cellulose and its derivatives (mainly paper and cardboard) are widely used to create sustainable packaging due to being materials which biodegrade easily, and also being highly malleable, allowing different designs to be created and implemented easily. 

Ecological plastic, also known as bioplastic, is plant-based, and despite its similarity to traditional plastic, it is completely biodegradable. Due to its resistance, it is also one of the materials most used for creating sustainable packaging.  

Using recycled plastic is also another valid option. There are currently tonnes of non-biodegradable plastic in circulation; recycling this material where possible to give it another life is also an action which helps to prevent environmental pollution.  


3. Resistance 

For a sustainable packaging to fulfil all required functionalities, it must be able to protect the product without damaging it, always respecting the quality standards required for safe transport. At Atrezzo, each year we receive under 1% of returns due to damage during transport. 

The design of packaging and its resistance become essential elements for ensuring the protection of the product and delivery in perfect conditions.  

4. Minimal use of chemicals 

Traditional packaging commonly uses adhesives and inks which contain chemical elements which are not ecological. Sustainable packaging seeks to replace these materials with more natural elements. 

Using sustainable packaging is necessary to address climate change and the pollution of ecosystems. At Atrezzo we offer our clients the possibility of choosing 100% recyclable packaging, made of FSC certified paper and recycled plastic, and sealed with adhesive tape made from ecological paper and natural rubber. This recyclable packaging maintains high quality standards, to continue to ensure the protection of all our products. 

We have a firm commitment to sustainability, and are therefore in a constant process of seeking alternatives which allow us to evolve toward solutions which are even more sustainable. 

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