The pillars of sustainability

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Did you know?

In recent years sustainability has become an inescapable responsibility in the fashion sector. 

At Atrezzo we are aware of the importance of this issue for our clients and wish to share our vision of sustainability with them, as well as the measures that we apply throughout the value chain to reduce our impacts and collaborate in safeguarding the planet. 

We usually refer to our sustainability policy as an “Itinerary”, because it is a journey for advancing toward our ideal and establishing increasingly ambitious objectives. 

We would like you to accompany us on this path, discovering every stage of the journey with us, step by step. 

Let’s start at the beginning. 

What do we mean by sustainability? 

For Atrezzo, sustainability involves protecting the environment, fair economic development and great respect for social justice. We place value on resources, processes and people, which is reflected in the materials used, the production model and the working conditions of our employees.  

The pillars of sustainability 

The sustainability of products does not only depend on the raw materials with which they are manufactured, but also has a great deal to do with the production process.  

The design, quality and durability of products are also related with sustainability. The high quality of our mannequins allows their average lifespan to be long, and the longer their lifespan, the lower the costs of materials and related elements will be.  

What can be recycled? 

Our clients often ask us about the recyclability of our products, so we believe it is important to address this issue from the outset. 

Recycling is the process of converting materials which have been used into raw materials for manufacturing new products, thereby helping to reduce the amount of waste generated. 

Did you know that there are limits when recycling some materials? For example, plastic becomes completely unusable after having been recycled several times. Conversely, other materials such as aluminium, metal and glass can be recycled infinitely. 

Alternatives to recycling 

At Atrezzo we use raw materials which can be recycled to give life to a new mannequin, but also offer other alternatives. 

For example, did you know that some of the materials that we use, such as BIO30R PU and RS-07LSE resin can be converted into energy? Through the decomposition of waste at high temperatures, waste is transformed into energy used for urban and industrial consumption. 

What if you wanted to give a second life to your mannequins? Did you know that you can transform an obsolete product into a totally new product, with greater value and higher quality? 

The Atrezzo repair department can repair and repaint mannequins several times, creating new products. 

The power of the truth 

There is an open debate on which material is best for the environment, and there is not an easy answer to this. Currently, there is no raw material that is fully sustainable. Did you know that even biodegradable options have an environmental impact in terms of energy consumption, handling, destruction and emissions? 

We have always been committed to transparency in communication with our clients. We firmly believe that we must continue sharing all the information that you need on the issue of sustainability, while we research new solutions which may revolutionise the market. 

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